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2nd Place for GMX Switzerland in the Marketers Satisfaction Survey

For the first time a marketer satisfaction survey was carried out in Switzerland by the research institute dcore Switzerland. The study provides a benchmark within the Swiss online marketers and publishers landscape. The results for UIM and GMX.CH are very encouraging. In the overall ranking GMX.CH is in second place behind Adwebster and is followed by Ringier, NZZ Group and SevenOne Media Switzerland. GMX.CH reached best results for “sympathy” as well as for their “market research services”.

IAB Europe’s White Paper on Online brand advertising


Publisher: IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee
Publication: June 2010


This White Paper is the first project of the IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee and aims to prove and promote the web as a vehicle for branding, as well as to educate readers about the power and value of digital for brand advertisers.

Based on the huge demand from the advertising industry for more detailed information, research and case studies that prove the strength of digital for online branding it provides an holistic view of measurement, formats, targeting and cross-media as well as useful evidence of how digital campaigns can support brands. The findings are based on insights, analysis and experience from the most respected market players, advertisers, research companies and service providers in the industry.

While acknowledging the industry’s rapidly growing success, the report’s author, Eric Urdahl, Chairman of IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Steering Committee and Head of International Business at United Internet Media AG Germany, challenges complacency among advertisers who are reluctant to invest effective budgets in digital advertising. He points out that there is still a yawning gap between ad spend online and offline in spite of the proven edge that online has in delivering impressive results for brand advertising.


Get your copy of the white paper here.

comScore - How Online Advertising Works: Whither the Click in Europe?


Publisher: comScore
Publication: March 2010


Key Facts:

  • There are indeed latency effects and branding effects even when click rates on the ads themselves are minimal 
  • Visitation to the advertiser’s web site rose by 72% on average
  • Likelihood of consumers conducting a trademark search query using the advertiser’s branded terms increased by 94% on average



For details please download the complete study here.

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