One Stop Media Shopping around the world
One Stop Media Shopping around the world

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AD Europe - One point of contact


This concept offers you one huge advantage: AD Europe can provide you with customised media solutions for the whole of Europe, involving only minimum planning work on your part. You can enjoy the benefits of having only one single contact, who will support you in the entire planning process.

Also included is comprehensive, country-specific advice, including market research and media planning, plus maximum cost effectiveness during the entire handling of your European campaign. We have a very simple name for it: one-stop shopping.



One step to global diversity


Our global marketer network combines online media products and leading advertising experts from around the world to work on your campaigns. Thanks to this global expertise, your campaign can directly reach the relevant target group, irrespective of the country or continent, anywhere in the world!

Wir können noch viel mehr für Sie tun. Erfahren Sie mehr bei einem persönlichen Gespräch. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf, wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage!



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